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Radiance Beauva’s products are researched on a scientific basis, combined with natural extracts, which are especially suitable for sensitive skin: sensitive acne, sensitive aging, and sensitive dry skin.


My skin isn’t prickly when using AHA Lightening, is it?

AHA is often known for the prickly feeling in the first times, but AHA Lightening created by a formula of 12% Lactic Acid has a large molecular structure, which only works exactly on the dead skin layer. Therefore, AHA Lightening does not cause prickles.

Can we use AHA Lightening for sensitive skin?

AHA Lightening is a brightening exfoliant specifically for sensitive skin. Instead of using Glycolic Acid causing significant prickles and decreasing lightening ability, AHA Lightening uses 12% Lactic Acid which is softer, better moisturizing, combined with Aloe Vera gel base and stem cell extract to make the product become softer for even the most sensitive skin.

Does AHA Lightening make skin become thinner?

AHA Lightening contains 12% of Lactic Acid which is considered to be a large molecule AHA. AHA Lightening only works on the surface of dead skin cells, without affecting other healthy skin layers, so it does not make skin thinner. Thanks to the reverse feedback mechanism, when the dead skin is removed regularly, skin cells will send signals to and stimulate stem cells to increase division, creating new, younger and healthier skin cells.

Can I use Vitamin C along with AHA Lightening?

You can completely combine AHA and vitamin C if your current AHA is as mild as AHA Lightening and your current vitamin C is as gentle as C20 Brightening.

The combination of these 2 products will increase the ability to lighten the skin, thanks to the synergistic mechanism of inhibiting Tyrosinase, preventing Melanin production. Besides, using AHA Lightening before C20 Brightening also makes it easier for vitamin C to go deeper into the skin, which promotes the optimal whitening effect.

Will my skin get prickly when using Retinol from Radiance Beauva?

Absolutely not. RB’s Retinol is lipid-coated. It not only protects the Retinol and helps the interaction between Retinol and cells become more easily, the lipid spheres also slows down the Retinol release into the skin within 24 hours, providing long-lasting effects without causing prickles.

Moreover, RB’s Retinol combines Retinol with the stem cell extract, which enhances the ability to increase collagen production while it is still very soothing.

Does using RB's Retinol/Tretinoin peel my skin?

Depending on your specific objectives, you will have different treatment regimens with Retinol/Tretinoin.

In some keratosis skin, choosing the regimen to remove the clogged and rough stratum corneum is necessary, then you can expect to see your skin becoming better day by day.

For the less problematic skin, you will not see the flaking phenomenon. Actually, our Retinol ensures that the skin renewal cycle can return to normal. Your skin is still physiologically peeled every day thanks to the Retinol effect – you won’t even notice it though.

Can I use Vitamin C along with Retinol Filler?

It is totally possible if your skin is already familiar with these 2 active elements. Retinol and Vitamin C neither react with each other, nor reduce each other’s actions on your skin. On the contrary, when you combine Retinol and Vitamin C, this regimen will enhance the brightening and rejuvenating ability to the skin.

Is it necessary to recover my skin when using Retinol or AHA?

The skin is inherently the body’s first protective shield, so it is always under the attack from external environment (UV rays, harsh weather,…). Therefore, our skin will gradually weaken and age. Moisturizing and restoring the skin is becoming more and more necessary. Even if you’re not ready for Retinol or AHA/BHA, your skin still needs daily restoring and hydrating.

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Radiance Beauva is the leading private clinical skincare brand in Canada. Our products strive for quality, ease of use and skin comfort. We have continuously made changes to bring the best products to our customers.

Formulated with highly active ingredients while emphasizing a variety of antioxidants and skin-restoring ingredients, we offer products from nature to create an effective and soothing skin care routine.

Liposomes also improve the stability of easily oxidized products. Radiance Beauva’s active ingredients such as Retinol, Tretinoin, Niacinamide, Panthenol, Vitamin C, Tranexamic, Kojic Acid … that are all wrapped in Liposomes ease the skincare process.


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